Sample Pack with Commercial License

FAQs about what it means to hold an Arpeggi Sample pack with a commercial license.
What is the commercial license for a sample pack? What does it let me do?
Holding a sample pack NFT gives you non-exclusive, royalty free, commercial access to the samples in the pack. This license is the equivalent of samples you use on Splice. You only have this license while you hold the sample pack token. When you sell your sample pack token, you no longer have a license to use the samples.
To summarize:
  • When you have the token, you have commercial access to samples
  • When you have the token, any songs you make you have full rights to
  • When you sell the token, you can no longer use the samples to make new songs
  • When you sell the token, you retain your rights to the songs you made when you held the token
Do I have rights to the songs I make using the samples in my sample pack?
Yes! You have full commercial rights to the songs you make using samples in this sample pack so long as:
  • You made the song while holding the sample pack NFT
  • You have the rights to any other content used in your song besides samples from the sample pack
What happens to the songs I made when I held my token after I sell my token?
You retain full rights to the derivative works you made while you held your token after you sell your token. Once you sell your token, you may no longer use the samples to create new works.
Can I still use the samples after I sell my token?
In short: No.
In full: realistically, we cannot prevent you from using them if you do not hold the token. However, whatever you do make you do not have a license to.
Where can I read the full license?
Last modified 1yr ago